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  • Robust access control
  • High security
  • Anti-panic system
  • For exterior use


The Full-height Turnstile is designed for high-security access control and the management of pedestrian traffic flows. With its robust and self-contained construction, it is particularly suitable for use in vulnerable and unguarded facilities, such as sports complexes, leisure centres, industrial sites, etc..


The Full-height Turnstile is bidirectional – each direction (entry or exit) may be unrestricted, barred or controlled.

Operation is managed by a dry contact on the logic card. If authorization is cleared, the mechanism will complete a one-third turn when pushed by the user. The end of rotation is dampened in order to prevent injury to the user.


  • Sheet steel and tubular metal construction with external finish by powder coating in accordance with RAL 5010
  • Series of vertical rotary arms of stainless steel tube construction, finished by powder coating in accordance with RAL 7036. Three of these arms are of 304L stainless steel (in contact with users)
  •  All internal components are corrosion protected
  • Fixed pictograms (according to the configuration of the device
  • 2 green arrows or 1 green arrow and 1 red cross)
  • Pre-fitted for the installation of a reader



Anti-panic system :
If the power supply is cut, the Full-height Turnstile is unlocked and rotation is free in both directions.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply : 230 V a.c. ± 5%
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption : 40 VA max, 60 VA max in case of attempted fraud
  • Control device voltage : 24 V d.c
  • Flow : 12 - 15 passages/minute in controlled passage mode with badge reader (not supplied), 20 passages/ minute in free passage mode
  • Operating temperature : -5°C to 45°C
  • Environmental humidity : less than 80%
  • MCBF (mean cycles between failure), where recommendations are observed : 2,000,000 cycles
  • Weight : 260 kg


  • Two-part canopy kit.
  • Lighting kit comprised of two 24 V d.c. LED lighting strips with pre-wired twilight switch, to be fitted and connected on-site in the upper section
  • 304L or 316L stainless steel construction
  • RFID reader