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  • Enhanced access control
  • Anti-panic system
  • For interior use
  • Options


The hatch with retractable gates is comprised of two cabinets, and is suitable for the access control of persons with reduced mobility and enhanced access control to vulnerable sites. Two upstream gates and two
downstream gates form a corridor of width 0.900m and length 1.750m.


Immediately a person presses the exterior button, the upstream gates are fully retracted into the cabinets to permit access to the booth, the person enters, a shape recognition device (using scanner cells) registers the presence of that person and instructs the closure of the upstream doors. The user completes the validation of their authorization, the downstream gates open, allowing the user to exit, and the doors will close immediately upon the exit of the user. The booth is bidirectional. If their travel ticket is invalid and the user is within the booth, they will need to press a release button situated near the control panel.


  • Cabinet and covers : AISI 304 stainless steel with a brushed finish using 220 or 320 grain
  • E24 steel pedestal with cataphoretic protection or black powder coating
  • Panels of 12 mm tempered glass with rubber protection
  • All internal components are corrosion protected
  • Light pictograms : green arrow and red cross


Passenger safety :
- Should a person become trapped, (contact) safety software will allow the panels to open.
Anti-panic system :
- In case of a loss of power, the panels will retract (by gravity) to clear the access way.
Additional function :
- A mechanical locking system (unpowered) allows the operator to position the panels in the open or closed position.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply : 230 V a.c. ± 5%
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption : Standby 500 VA max – gate in service: 1000 VA max
  • Control device voltage : 24 V d.c
  • Flow : 30 passages/minute in controlled passage mode with magnetic reader; 40 passages/minute in
    controlled passage mode with contactless reader ; 45 passages in free passage mode
  • Operating temperature : -5° to 45°
  • Environmental humidity : less than 80%
  • MCBF (mean cycles between failure), where recommendations are observed : 2,000,000 passages
  • Net weight : 800 kg


  • 316 stainless steel cabinet
  • Laminated glass panels
  • Tinted glass panels
  • Dynamic pictogram